(English) Improve Software Efficiency

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Reduce time-to-market, increase flexibility of software.

“Time-to-market” is a critical component for any business and can help a company compete more aggressively. In the software industry, the main effort of enhancements and addition of new features is based on the structure and understandability of the existing code—as shown in figure one. To significantly increase efficiency and reduce time-to-market, measurements need to be implemented early in the design phase to ensure production of optimal code.

Bitsea has developed an innovative method based on statistical analysis to guarantee that the developed software is efficient, clean, reusable, easily understandable and maintainable. The method is nonintrusive and fully automated. Bitsea supports you in integrating third party software into your source stack, using novel visualization techniques, thus insuring a seamless and rapid integration.

Diagrams about software lifecycle costs

Analytics Help Companies Compete.

Bitsea`s Analytics and Assessment services enable our clients to have a unique view on their source code and arriving at direct correlations between the same and the associated impact on time-to-market and flexibility.

Using our services, customers get a three dimensional, graphical overview of their source code assets illustrating immediate information on key aspects like new developments, dependencies, architecture, code duplication, hierarchies and complexity. Our reports allow our clients to rapidly drill down from the visual hotspots to the actual source code, which the developers can then see and remedy, very rapidly.

Aggregation of mathematical and statistical measurements disclose antipatterns hidden in the system.

One of the most innovative aspects of our analytics is the concept of relevancy check. This helps focusing on parts with highest impact and highest improvement potential, specific to our client’s software environment. Thus, our services are tailored to individual clients’ requirements.

The Bitsea method considers stability of the source code as a key aspect in its software analysis. Code evolution analysis is an important aspect of our service, as the same reveals key hotspots and architecture anomalies which could have developed over time.

Automated real time monitoring of inner software quality supports developers to continuously produce clean code. Heat maps uncover areas for code reviews. Dashboards provide real-time information to the software organization on the health of their software assets.

Improve software efficiency: cityview

Our Quality assurance services provide immediate and specific refactoring recommendations to save on maintenance cost, increase flexibility to modify code, increase reusability and improve the system from an integration point of view. Our method gives concrete recommendations regarding architecture and code, short-, mid- and long-term, as well.

Immediate customer benefits

Faster Time-to-market: Increase development efficiency
Improved Transparency: Provides a view on software, structure, problem spots; rapid and cost effective
Higher Efficiency: Instantly identifies areas for improvement, proactive elimination of hot spots, less escaped defects
Higher ROI: Increases ROI by enabling higher reuse and lowering maintenance cost
Improves System for faster Integration: Decreases time, cost and risk of integration and increases testing efficiency
Proactive Monitor and Control: Assesses and benchmark software delivered by external vendors

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