Do you need an Open Source Review Board? Tech companies share real-life best practices.

In yet another resounding vote of confidence for open source software, several of the world’s technology giants recently announced that they were joining together to explore tools and best practices to better secure it, with Microsoft’s CTO, saying in a blog that “open-source software is core to nearly every company’s technology strategy.”

As open source software becomes “core to every company’s technology strategy” (by many estimates, 80% of software is made up of open source components) what is your company doing to put processes in place that instill confidence, both internally and with your customers, in products that are built with it?

One way is by forming an Open Source Program Office (OSPO) or an Open Source Review Board (OSRB). Three Revenera customers talked about their Open Source Review Boards, sharing best practices and advice gleaned from years of running these programs.

Read the full story by Alex Rybak, Director of Product Management at Revenera here.

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