Bitsea Announces OpenChain Security Assurance Services

Bitsea, a service provider specialized in software auditing and based in Germany, today announces support for the OpenChain Security Assurance Specification 1.1. They can help companies understand and adopt this standard for open source security in Germany and beyond. As a sister standard to OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 – the international standard for open source license compliance – the OpenChain Security Assurance Specification 1.1 offers the same type of support for building a quality security assurance program.

“For over 10 years Bitsea has provided services to help organizations identifying hidden risks in software systems and managing their open source software supply chain,” says Dr. Andreas Kotulla, Founder and CEO of Bitsea. “Our services guide organizations to adopt and conform to both ISO 5230 OpenChain and OpenChain Security Assurance.”

“Bitsea has long been a provider of excellent reputation in the open source area,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Their new services to support adoption of the OpenChain Security Assurance Specification 1.1 are a timely and useful contribution to the community in Germany and beyond. Open source security is a vital part of the global supply chain, and solid process management is key to addressing the ongoing challenges.”

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