Life at Bitsea

Life at Bitsea

Bitsea is truly global: With employees from Germany, South Africa, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Tunisia, …

Besides closely working with colleagues in your project team, the experience of each individual in the entire team is very important. Everybody contributes and exchanges ideas with colleagues in regular team meetings.

Bitsea offers manifold projects: Programming mobile apps, development in C# or Java, and migrating legacy systems. We are working for big international customers, whom we frequently visit to carry out projects on site. This way everyone gets insights into companies from various sectors. In addition, we are in close contact with universities and research organizations to explore new technologies.

In addition to project work, it is important for us to support each other. We enjoy our joint lunches, our weekly “beer at 4” (beverages for every individuals preferences) and our team events.

Bitsea’s location is a special highlight that is worth mentioning: Bitsea is located near Cologne and Bonn and is also easy to reach from Frankfurt. Our office is situated close to a forest, surrounded by a lake.
A positive Work-life-balance is important for Bitsea. With that we want to foster our employees, providing room for professional success while ensuring private, social, cultural and health needs of employees. Measures offered by Bitsea in this respect include:

Flexible working hours, so that everyone has the opportunity to start the day in peace and quiet, whether it is to avoid morning traffic jams, to hand over the children to the daycare without having stress or to start the day with sport.
Preventive health services in the office. These include ergonomically adjustable work tables and chairs, lighting that complies with occupational health and safety regulations, as well as supporting workouts or advice on individual workplace settings.
Support of new employees when arriving, search for a suitable apartment, search for suitable childcare, support in dealing with authorities e.g. support of the Blue Card process of our foreign employees and the like.