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Dear costumer!

Firstly we wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to run our assessment services across your application. Bitsea as an organization has a philosophy of continuous improvement and towards that we would be happy to get feedback on our engagement with your organization and our services.

Thank you for your support,
your Bitsea team

    How did you learn about Bitsea?

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    How satisfied have you been with the...

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    ...quality of the assessment
    ...immediately usable/concrete results
    ...speed of delivery
    ...content and format of the report
    ...communication before and during the project
    12345 presentation
    ...Bitsea assessment method itself
    ...breadth and depth of assessment
    ...value for money

    How do you implement the recommendations in your organization? What follow-up actions did you initiate?

    What was the most important outcome of the assessment for you?

    For a potential next assessment with your organization, what are the top 2 enhancements/changes/improvements you would recommend Bitsea to do, based on your past experience with us?

    Which other co-workers or acquaintances who may have similar requirements would you feel confident of recommending us?

    Overall, have your expectations been met?

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